piektdiena, augusts 29, 2003

Big Flabby Buttocks
Paul McCartney is dead
Voici le nouveau département d'une municipalité belge :

Le service de la tendresse

site web du ville de Kruibeke (en flammand)

Wikipedia entry

trešdiena, augusts 27, 2003

I am unquestionably joining Arnold!

The question of what part of his body one might join begs to be asked...
They don't seem to like me very much...

Black People Love Us

otrdiena, augusts 19, 2003


piektdiena, augusts 15, 2003

Hello, hello à  tous et à  toutes :

Here I am, with my very first foray into the world of "weblogs".

Voici un article intéressant de Francis Pisani à ce sujet <<

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